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Name :Michael Jacob-Francis
Fandom: Original Character
Word count : 285

“Hey, that was a great fight, Mikey!” His trainer had thought for a moment and then added some more cocky wisdom. The kid had fought well – was it his fault that no one knew of his opponent’s jaw? Such fragile parts of the head, it could not be avoided. Jaws were meant to be hit in professional boxing and a glass jaw meant that the boxer had to work ten times as hard in order not to be hit in that area.

“You couldn’t have known, you just couldn’t have.” The towel that he just tossed over Michael’s head in passing had drowned the rest of his words and any significant importance that they might of had. Point, however, was taken.

It was time to dry off the hair and the sweat. There were no real injuries and no blood tonight. It was a good thing. It was one less thing to clean and no blood coming from him after the night’s fight, meant that he could get out of here earlier.

So, his opponent had a glass jaw and after one good punch there, it was lights out.  He shrugged.  Not his fault – this was supposed to be a fault to  be caught in the amateur ranks, but this opponent trained straight forward to be a professional. It was his opponent's fault for not training himself to protect the jaw better.  As he peeled off the damp sweaty tape from his hand and fingers, Michael inspected for excess swelling. Flexing the digits to be sure, he tossed the tape away. Some boxers used the same tape over and over, considering tape used during a win, to be lucky. Not Michael –boxing was a sweaty disgusting mess as it was and while he enjoyed it immensely, he didn’t believe in luck, when he had faith in himself, God, and his training.

(ooc—meta points to any who can find the spiritual fault in Michael’s last sentence.)
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[ooc- cross posted as a 2-for-1 rp, to [livejournal.com profile] oh_shiney journal>(Tag would be to [livejournal.com profile] fire_stealer in both journals. Music stylings by “The Platters” as sung by our own Maggie. *G*]

“What to do, what to do…say Mikey, what are your plans for today?” Maggie looked over her shoulder before she looked ahead again to check the contents of Mikey’s refrigerator. It looked as if he actually went shopping and this time, for good food. As she waited for an answer, Maggie sang along with her Ipod, half on and half off her head.

You can dance Ev'ry dance with the guy Who gives you the eye Let him hold you tight. You can smile Ev'ry smile …

“Ahhh, it’s a fluke, Maggie. I have the next two days off from both jobs and my trainer says to stay home and rest. Says I was getting all worked up over stress, if you know what I mean,” Michael answered over the sound of Maggie’s singing.

“Mmhm, yeah, well"...…for the man who held your hand 'Neath the pale moonlight. But don't forget who's taking you home And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin', save the last dance for me, mmmm…

“You know your trainer is right. You got everything you need for the two days?” It looked like he did, but she hadn’t checked his medicine cabinet yet. She knew he would be just fine. But Michael alone for two days with nothing to do was a rare thing, for sure.

“Yeah, yeah, I got my books and that Passion of the Christ flick. I hear it’s good. I hear the ending is a shocker.” It was Michael’s attempt at humor and Maggie did smile. She really never got his sense of comedy, but that was ok.

“Well, if you need anything, call mom and dad or go over. They have money to cover any extra needs for you, ok?”

“Yeah, yeah, go have fun.” That was a wild guess at what she was probably going to go and do today.

"And try not to get into trouble, Margaret Bethany-Francis.”
“Yeah, yeah, go to sleep, Mikey,” Maggie winked and then double checked his supplies before heading outside.

When she left, Maggie continued to sing the next song on her IPod. It was her daytime, or as normal people would say, almost dusk. It wasn’t as warm as it could be, but she still wore her favorite summer dress of navy blue and white polka dots. A waistcoat of dark denim and a decent sun hat to keep off the last of the rays. But seriously, it was more for fun than worrying about mismatched tans, as she sashayed down the boardwalk.

Oh, I know (oh, I know) That the music's fine Like sparkling wine …Go and have your fun …Laugh and sing …But while we're apart …Don't give your heart to anyone …But don't forget who's taking you home and in whose arms you're gonna be…So darlin', save the last dance for me, mmmm…

When she closed the door, )
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Character name: Michael Jacob-Francis
Fandom: OC
Disclaimers warning: none
Challenge topic: Close your eyes; where are you?
Rating: pg
Word count: 205
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta. ALL comments are considered meta- but he is available for specific in game rp -- if needed]

I am walked to the center of the ring and the ref guy has my hand in his. He’s raised it, while I, Michael Jacob-Francis, am announced the new Middleweight or Super Middleweight Champion of the world. My parents are there cheering me on and if I am lucky, my sister Maggie, no pun intended for those who know her issues with fortune and luck. My sponsors will be there, ready to tell me about any new deals coming my way and…yeah, sponsors, that would be nice, but right now, I am just working on breaking out of the amateur ranks.

That’s a feat and a half, you know, so until then, I got these gigs, I mean jobs. All kinds of jobs. Anything on the up and up that keeps my training paid for and a roof over my head. I suppose I could live with my parents, but naaah, I’ll rough it out across the street from them in my own studio apartment. A guy’s gotta do for himself . Am I right or what?

So when I open my eyes, here I am in front of one of Atlantic city’s finest hot dog stands. Don’t tell my trainer, all right?

All right.
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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis *
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Tell the truth about something you usually lie about.
Word count : 256
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta. The bio sheet-a work in progress and not on front page yet( will be more than just current bio page). ALL comments are considered meta- but he is available for specific in game rp -- if needed]


Hail Maggie, Full Of Grace

My sister is not innocent. I try to pretend that she is but the antics just keep coming, no end in sight. Way before she went to Vegas and came back just a little bit off her rocker, she was getting herself into predicaments. Mother and father were of no use in this matter. They saw what they wanted to see. Still do. She’s their little girl and always will be.

She goes around with all these different names, and is aware of each name, so I know darn well that she isn’t totally crazy or a hopeless case. God knows I love her but how will she ever find a suitable man to marry if she continues to carry on like this?

And if she doesn’t want to marry, why doesn’t she just come out and say so? She comes over to mom and dad’s for dinner every so often and you would swear by her outfits, that she had never worn pasties in her life.

Why do I bring it up? Because dear old mom and dad, don’t seem to have the same power of hiding their head in the sand with me, as they do Maggie. I, Michael Jacob-Francis, still a virgin, work hard every day, doing fantastic in my boxing career, and go to church every Sunday. What more do they want? Still, they love me, I love them, and I love my sister. Anyone says anything bad about her in front of me is going to get a knuckle sandwich.


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