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Name :Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Party
Word count : 253
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta ]
Note: Excerpt of back-story in  [personal profile] jerseycharmer

Michael’s first birthday.

It was a near battle when Mike squealed in delight over the “Annie” soundtrack instead of her beloved Frank Sinatra. When he screamed blood murder as Maggie tried to change the record all on her own, almost scratching it beyond repair, their parents stepped in with good humor and timing, setting Michael’s birthday cake on the living room’s large coffee table.

Soon, both were distracted by the bright shiny candle in Mikey’s cake.

“No Maggie, that’s for your brother. But you can cheer him on, ok?”

“Ok! Go Mikey, blow!” Maggie clapped with enthusiasm. She loved her brother even if he did have strange taste in music.

As he blew out his candle or at least tried, little Michael slapped his hand on the table and call out his sister’s name. He needed her help. Not is mother, not his father, but her, his big sister. She knew the best things to do for fun and already knew how to blow out candles. She had already blown out several, Maggie told her brother with pride, as she tried to coach him on how to have a birthday. Of course it went in one ear and out the other. At one year old, Michael was more interested in loud cartoons and teething rings. Still, she was bigger and he did remember a word or two of their chat.

“No, you help!” Another slap on the table and then both of them tried, succeeding in blowing out said candle, while their parents took many pictures.



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