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Apparently, it could not have been easier if he had tried. Sitting on his parents’ front porch, his childhood home gave him a sense of familial security as he contemplated his next moves in life. With no more obligations to the world at large, Michael should have felt at ease. He was not, despite all the right persons in his life backing up his decision to not become a priest.  You can't force a square peg into a round hole, his father said. While his mother may have been disappointed, something new lit up in her eyes.  Now you can give me grand-babies. You and I both know Maggie will won't do it, not even if I made it a dying wish, she playfully chides, confiding in him that yes, she actually knew Maggie was no saint and that it was ok too.


 With the yoke of responsibility off his shoulders, it seemed a new obligation cropped up in its place. He knew the next round of conversations would be about setting him up on blind dates, promises to go to mixers, etcetera etc. All in order to meet the right girl, settle down and add to the gene pool. In theory, he thought it was fine for his sister if that miracle ever occurred, but something about settling down with the ‘right’ girl did not sit right with him.

Women. He never had much time for them in his entire life except for Maggie and his mother, save for the odd setups in High School  and when he was still professionally boxing. He was always too busy exploring every sport he ever wanted to try, deepening his commitment to the Church, and becoming a priest. There was no comfort in their soft expressions and in their attempts at sexual overtures with him, Michael felt zero desire despite some being very pleasing to the eye. Even as he gazed out toward the street  at the Jersey girls he’d grown up around and with, watching them pass by on the way to the beach. Zip, zilch, nadda.  Some waved, some blew kisses, and others shook  their outer extremities as if they were on Wild Kingdom, but it only got them a bashful grin – the one he reserved for women who came on too strong.

No, he wasn't going to think about it anymore today. He'd go to the gym and get a good workout. That could go on for hours. At least there he would be centered. At the gymnasium, in the company of fellow boxers, the outside world would slip away like it always did and a sense of fellowship fell  over all who entered its testosterone driven domain. And tomorrow, he would surf for as long as he could.
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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Mikey vs. Another boxer
Word count : 228
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta ]

Round Nine and one to go.
Blood pounding.
There’s ringing in my ears ...damn.
Oh, cussing, sorry God.

Get him with the left.
No, your other left, Mikey!
Jeeze, keep moving.
Don't be an idiot, Mikey.
Don't be an idiot.

Yeah, that's right sucker.
Here's another.
How do ya like that, huh?
Pow ...pa...pow-pow Hwuah!
Score with an uppercut.
Heh, he's on the ropes.
Good, I needed a breather.
Ok, he’s back.
Man that hurt.
Ok, so did that.
Hey, that was a cheap shot.
You punk!
Awh man, the ref didn’t even see.

Hope the judges did.
Good thing the bell rang...
To my corner ...where was it again?
Say, watch it with the Vaseline.
Over the cut and NOT in my eye, jeeze.

Focus Mikey.
Round ten.
Now get back in there.
And stay away from his left hook.

Don’t know where the last two minutes went.

But who cares, I won!
The guy is out cold with one minute to spare.
Take that world!

*fade to black as Mikey passes out just seconds after being announced the winner. *

*Locker room is empty, trainer-manager is in background doing the paperwork, and Michael is sitting up right finally, all patched up (as much as possible anyway.)*

Man, my first professional fight rocked!
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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis *
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Write about a Summer memory
Word count : 353
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta. The bio sheet-a work in progress and not on front page yet( will be more than just current bio page). ALL comments are considered meta- but he is available for specific in game rp -- if needed]

I have approximately twenty-five summers to choose from. Hmm, Oh, I know. The Summer I got my braces and I learned how to surf. What? People on the East Coast do surf, you know. Ever hear of the ECSC? No? Well, it’s all good.

It was my mom’s idea – there I was, budding thirteen-year-old boxing trainee, with plans of becoming the first teenage Sugar Ray Leonard, when all of the sudden, it was decided I need braces. See here, I will smile for ya – not bad huh? Twenty-five hundred dollar’s worth of modern orthodontics and my parents weren’t about to mess all that up with my continuing love for the ring and gloves. Ma…I mean mother, she decided surfing would keep me active enough to curb my desire to start throwing down punches.

Wrong answer but what are ya gonna do, you know? I still practiced boxing solo when they weren’t around. I think it was my mother’s hope that I’d end up falling in love with surfing instead. She always said I had too pretty a face to muck up in the ring. But I think that’s a mother’s prerogative working there and all that.

Because honestly? I always wondered if she had ever figured in the thought that I could drown out there as well. I had more scrapes and bruises that summer, trying to get the hang of surfing, than I had up until that time, in boxing – not to mention the embarrassment. There’s a reason we wear wetsuits and not just trunks out there in the water.

One wrong shift and off you go, butt over teakettle with your trunks ending up out only God knows where in the Atlantic ocean – you with the birthday suit, dragging your sorry thirteen year old bare butt back to shore. Man, that was a great Summer for me. But I think I nearly gave my ma...I mean, mother, heart failure. I still love boxing, surfing, and my mother still looks for ways to make me quit the ring.

It was good times, though – good times.


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