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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis *
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Write about a Summer memory
Word count : 353
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I have approximately twenty-five summers to choose from. Hmm, Oh, I know. The Summer I got my braces and I learned how to surf. What? People on the East Coast do surf, you know. Ever hear of the ECSC? No? Well, it’s all good.

It was my mom’s idea – there I was, budding thirteen-year-old boxing trainee, with plans of becoming the first teenage Sugar Ray Leonard, when all of the sudden, it was decided I need braces. See here, I will smile for ya – not bad huh? Twenty-five hundred dollar’s worth of modern orthodontics and my parents weren’t about to mess all that up with my continuing love for the ring and gloves. Ma…I mean mother, she decided surfing would keep me active enough to curb my desire to start throwing down punches.

Wrong answer but what are ya gonna do, you know? I still practiced boxing solo when they weren’t around. I think it was my mother’s hope that I’d end up falling in love with surfing instead. She always said I had too pretty a face to muck up in the ring. But I think that’s a mother’s prerogative working there and all that.

Because honestly? I always wondered if she had ever figured in the thought that I could drown out there as well. I had more scrapes and bruises that summer, trying to get the hang of surfing, than I had up until that time, in boxing – not to mention the embarrassment. There’s a reason we wear wetsuits and not just trunks out there in the water.

One wrong shift and off you go, butt over teakettle with your trunks ending up out only God knows where in the Atlantic ocean – you with the birthday suit, dragging your sorry thirteen year old bare butt back to shore. Man, that was a great Summer for me. But I think I nearly gave my ma...I mean, mother, heart failure. I still love boxing, surfing, and my mother still looks for ways to make me quit the ring.

It was good times, though – good times.


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