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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis *
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Road Trip
Word count : 743 words
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta. The bio sheet-a work in progress and not on front page yet( will be more than just current bio page). ALL comments are considered meta- but he is available for specific in game rp -- if needed]

“Maggie, what’s going on?”

“Just pick me up at the airport, I can’t talk about it. Please, no more questions, Mikey.” Maggie prayed fervently, that her brother would do as she asked, just this once. Normally, she’d let him interrogate her until she told him the truth of the matter or emergency. But not this time. She was risking his life enough as it was by coming back to Atlantic City.

“Please Mikey.”

“All right, just hang tight and I’ll be there as soon as I can, Maggie.” Weary of what was to come, Michael set the phone down carefully and he wondered what mess Maggie had gotten herself into this time. It wouldn’t be the first time that he babysitted Maggie through some tragic event or failed relationship, though the latter was something she usually got over quickly. No, this had the feel of the former and it wasn’t the first time either, that he wished that he believed in owning a gun – he didn’t.

If he smoked, Michael would have gone through a pack by now, from the time that his sister had called to when he made himself ready to leave for the Newark Liberty International Airport. As it was, he did indulge himself in junk food, making a note to stop off on the way to bring some for Maggie as well. It couldn’t hurt and if she didn’t want to talk, then she could at least eat – hopefully. With a drive of 228 miles total and that was only if there were no interruptions, he needed all the distractions that he could weave for her. All part of Maggie aftercare.

All of eighteen and living in a studio, Michael had his own car, two part-time jobs, and he had just officially begun amateur training for his new age bracket. It was a tough schedule, but he still found time to go to church, ever Sunday and sometimes during the week, for a morning service. However, when he took care of Maggie in such times like these, he dropped everything that he could, in order to help.

“Dammit Maggie…”

He didn’t really mean that, Michael thought as he went the absolute speed limit. He couldn’t afford to be pulled over for any reason. Never mind the money, if he was late, Maggie may wander away and he couldn’t let that happen. This was the story of their life. Maggie in trouble or what looked to be trouble and Michael to the rescue. It was that simple and some might think dysfunctional. Borderline incestuous some would say if they didn’t know better, but it wasn’t like that, Michael thought as he gripped the steering wheel with one hand and held a Slim Jim to eat, with the other.

Maggie just didn’t operate on the same principles of life that those around her followed. Sometimes she just didn’t see the consequences of her actions until too late and as usual, he was there to pick up the pieces. Michael wasn’t sure what she did this time, but he wasn’t going to pry – maybe next time. Hopefully, he will not have to pry and she will think twice before doing something so unthinkingly. Probably not, but he had to hope. He had to have faith that Maggie could be redeemed.

More Slim Jim and a half a bottle of cola, later, he was a bit calmer. Junk food did that for him. Hard to believe, where it worked the opposite in others. Didn’t make his trainer too happy, but his trainer didn’t have to keep an eye out on Maggie.

He didn’t go to the parking lots, but went straight to the pickup area, where he knew Maggie would be smoking. Yet another bad habit of hers that he overlooked. It was small in comparison.

There she was looking as skinny and lost as he’d never seen her before. There were scrapes in the past, sure, but this … he wondered if she was hooked on drugs.

He should have gone with her. He’d given her far too much credit in regards to being able to handle herself.

“Ready to go home?” He gave her the brightest smile that he could. When she simply nodded, Michael pulled back out into traffic, taking them on a road trip that would lead to his studio. It wouldn’t be like the mad rush to get here and retrieve her. All was well now.

Maggie was home.

For now.


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