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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis *
fandom: Original Character
Topic: The Moral Of The Story Is
Word count : 195
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta. The bio sheet-a work in progress and not on front page yet( will be more than just current bio page). ALL comments are considered meta- but he is available for specific in game rp -- if needed]

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

I am sorry that I beat your son within an inch of his life, as you described to my parents. Thank you for not pressing charges after you heard the full story on how your son called my sister a whore when she was still a virgin. She says that she is and that is the end of the story. Stop staring at the paper like that!

My parents also say that you are welcome over for dinner any time. They ask that you please understand it may be in the best interest of your son and I, that we do not see each other at this time Because I can and will do it again.. So please leave him at home, but give him our best regards.

Thank you again,
Michael Jacob-Francis

“There, son, now after all of that, what lesson did we learn, or moral of the story as it were,” asked Michael’s father as he sealed the envelope and put a stamp on it to mail out in the morning.

“Don’t get caught?”

“Michael Jacob-Francis, go to your room!”

“Awwwh Jeeze.”


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