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Name :Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Do you believe in ghosts?
Word count : 580
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta ]

1989- It was just prior to the age of keeping stricter watch on children’s comings and goings, so their parents had allowed them this fun. What possible trouble that they could get into, in their own backyard, would be minimal anyway, they thought with amusement.

~ The Mobster Ghosts of  AC, NJ~

She had to be pulling his leg. Mikey was sure that Maggie couldn’t possibly believe the whopper of a ghost story that she was belting out. By flashlight, in the backyard of their Atlantic City, New Jersey home inside their tent, Maggie related to her brother, the tale of Paulie the stoolpigeon and his sidekick, Bruno the “bat” man, Luciano. She had a very vivid imagination…

“…and every night, the pair comes out to haunt our neighborhood, just looking for old debts to collect. Some people say they have their guns and other stuff on them to scare the bajeebus out of people.” Maggie darted eyes left and right before letting them rest solely upon Michael. Flashlight up to her chin, she added in muffled tones, “Some also say they collect debts for others for the fun of it.” Giving a raised eyebrow for effect, Maggie tried not to show how hilarious this was. Her poor brother looked as if he was about to pee his pajama pants.

“So like, if I owed money, maybe this Bruno and Paulie would come and scare it out of me? Right, Maggie, who you trying to kid?”

“Oh, I don’t know Mikey – why just last night, our neighbors swore up and down there were sounds of baseball bats hitting kneecaps and chains rattling just outside their bedroom window.”

“And how do you know that wasn’t just Eddy and his pals messing with the tourists?” Eddy and his pals messing with the tourists?” Eddy and his pals messing with the tourists?” At eight years old, the entire second grade class that he was in, was terrorized by Frank, Eddy’s little brother. Every other day, the kid was bragging about his brother’s exploits.

“Because Eddy is in Juvie this week, Mikey – they pulled him out of my class on Monday for the pet shop vandalism thing from the week before. You remember that, dontcha?”

“Oh yeah, I remember. All the animals got out and there was cat litter and hamster bedding all over the front of the pet store.” Mikey smiled a little and then gulped. So if it wasn’t Eddy, then maybe Maggie was right and he did owe her two dollars from last month and he hadn’t paid her back yet. Instead of caving in and freaking out, Mikey played it cool and slid far down into his sleeping bag. If there were ghosts, he’s have to play big and strong so he could protect Maggie.

She knew she had him on the ropes then, and that by tomorrow, she’d have her two dollars back. A bit of harmless story telling and financial gain. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, she’d never let anything bad happen to her brother and would defend him to the death if need be.

Maggie slid into her own bag and they were just about to fall asleep to the sounds of Atlantic City nightlife not more than a block away. Both were assured in the safety of their beings, when all of the sudden – BAM! The sound startled them both, causing them to run out quickly and back into the house, screaming their heads off. Neither looked back to see that it was just an old truck passing in their alleyway, whose muffler decided to die right as it passed their backyard.


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