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Birthdate:Nov 3
Location:Washington, United States of America

[Warning--this journal will eventually contain material not suitable for those under eighteen. Translation: Adult content.]

Currently, he is a muse in [info]random_fic and is brother to Maggie [info]oh_shiney, who is in [info]theatrical_muse

25 year old brother of Margaret Bethany-Francis

Hail Maggie, Full Of Grace

My sister is not innocent. I try to pretend that she is but the antics just keep coming, no end in sight. Way before she went to Vegas and came back just a little bit off her rocker, she was getting herself into predicaments. Mother and father were of no use in this matter. They saw what they wanted to see. Still do. She’s their little girl and always will be.

She goes around with all these different names, and is aware of each name, so I know darn well that she isn’t totally crazy or a hopeless case. God knows I love her but how will she ever find a suitable man to marry if she continues to carry on like this?

And if she doesn’t want to marry, why doesn’t she just come out and say so? She comes over to mom and dad’s for dinner every so often and you would swear by her outfits, that she had never worn pasties in her life.

Why do I bring it up? Because dear old mom and dad, don’t seem to have the same power of hiding their head in the sand with me, as they do Maggie. I, Michael Jacob-Francis, still a virgin, work hard every day, doing fantastic in my boxing career, and go to church every Sunday. What more do they want? Still, they love me, I love them, and I love my sister. Anyone says anything bad about her in front of me is going to get a knuckle sandwich.[/private]

* Disclaimer: I am not my PB, Daniel Henney. I do not make a profit off his image.


  • General Information

    Name: Michael Jacob-Francis
    Nicknames/Aliases: Mikey
    Age: 25

  • Psychology

    IQ : Average
    1. Of sex
    2. Of Intimacy
    3. Of losing focus
    Religious Beliefs: Catholic
    1. Anyone trash talking his sister
    2. People who think sex is the end all be all, of the entire universe.
    1. Boxing training
    2. Loves to Surf
    3. When he is not training or working (or church), he is reading or surfing. Quite well read.
    mun is not as well read as she would like so he isn’t pompous about it.
    4. Is happy to discuss boxing until his listeners can’t take it no more.
    5. Doesn’t often date. Has never seen the reason for it.

  • Family

    Parents: Father is French (Jacob Francis). Mother is Chinese (Bethany Francis).
    Siblings: One sister: Margaret Bethany-Francis
    Spouse/Serious Lover: n/a = virgin
    Children: … .

  • Present Background

    Occupation: Works various jobs to fit around his boxing career. Whatever legal means to pay the bills.
    Education : High School
    Major: High School Diploma
    Activities: Boxing, spending time with his parents, church on Sundays and sometimes during the week.
    Home: Atlantic City
    Friends: The people at his gym, his trainer, anyone he works with.

  • Appearance

    Height: 6’ 2 ( height from father as supposed to Maggie - who got height from mother)
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Face & Complexion: handsome, flawless skin (mother wishes he would not box so he won’t mess up that face : ) )
    Build: Wiry muscles
    Defining Marks: perfect teeth.(Much thanks to modern dentistry)
    Dress Style : work clothes to workout gear. (casual to church Sunday gear)
    Manner of Speech: New Jersey accent can run a bit thick when he’s adamant about something.
    Race: Half-Chinese/Half Caucasian-French *Please note, that I did not choose him lightly. He fit all age and physical requirements. He had the right build for what I had in mind. He wasn’t random. That said, in reality David Henney is Part Korean/ Part Caucasian and not Part Chinese/Part Caucasian)
    Manner of Movement: Graceful in the ring. Not so graceful out of it.

  • Romantic

    Marital Status: n/a
    Sexual Preference: He doesn’t know what he wants, if he were to even consider sex.
    Past Relationships: Fleeting platonic relationships with opposite sex.
    Present Relationship(s): Friends and family, with no romance.
    Preferences: Has no idea.

  • Other :

  • Disclaimers/warnings/ etc.

  • This is an entirely original work. MY creation. Copyrighted to me. I will however admit to using many of Daniel Henney as a PB. I do not own his image in anyway shape or form.
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