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Apparently, it could not have been easier if he had tried. Sitting on his parents’ front porch, his childhood home gave him a sense of familial security as he contemplated his next moves in life. With no more obligations to the world at large, Michael should have felt at ease. He was not, despite all the right persons in his life backing up his decision to not become a priest.  You can't force a square peg into a round hole, his father said. While his mother may have been disappointed, something new lit up in her eyes.  Now you can give me grand-babies. You and I both know Maggie will won't do it, not even if I made it a dying wish, she playfully chides, confiding in him that yes, she actually knew Maggie was no saint and that it was ok too.


 With the yoke of responsibility off his shoulders, it seemed a new obligation cropped up in its place. He knew the next round of conversations would be about setting him up on blind dates, promises to go to mixers, etcetera etc. All in order to meet the right girl, settle down and add to the gene pool. In theory, he thought it was fine for his sister if that miracle ever occurred, but something about settling down with the ‘right’ girl did not sit right with him.

Women. He never had much time for them in his entire life except for Maggie and his mother, save for the odd setups in High School  and when he was still professionally boxing. He was always too busy exploring every sport he ever wanted to try, deepening his commitment to the Church, and becoming a priest. There was no comfort in their soft expressions and in their attempts at sexual overtures with him, Michael felt zero desire despite some being very pleasing to the eye. Even as he gazed out toward the street  at the Jersey girls he’d grown up around and with, watching them pass by on the way to the beach. Zip, zilch, nadda.  Some waved, some blew kisses, and others shook  their outer extremities as if they were on Wild Kingdom, but it only got them a bashful grin – the one he reserved for women who came on too strong.

No, he wasn't going to think about it anymore today. He'd go to the gym and get a good workout. That could go on for hours. At least there he would be centered. At the gymnasium, in the company of fellow boxers, the outside world would slip away like it always did and a sense of fellowship fell  over all who entered its testosterone driven domain. And tomorrow, he would surf for as long as he could.
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Name :Michael Jacob-Francis
Fandom: Original Character
Word count : 285

“Hey, that was a great fight, Mikey!” His trainer had thought for a moment and then added some more cocky wisdom. The kid had fought well – was it his fault that no one knew of his opponent’s jaw? Such fragile parts of the head, it could not be avoided. Jaws were meant to be hit in professional boxing and a glass jaw meant that the boxer had to work ten times as hard in order not to be hit in that area.

“You couldn’t have known, you just couldn’t have.” The towel that he just tossed over Michael’s head in passing had drowned the rest of his words and any significant importance that they might of had. Point, however, was taken.

It was time to dry off the hair and the sweat. There were no real injuries and no blood tonight. It was a good thing. It was one less thing to clean and no blood coming from him after the night’s fight, meant that he could get out of here earlier.

So, his opponent had a glass jaw and after one good punch there, it was lights out.  He shrugged.  Not his fault – this was supposed to be a fault to  be caught in the amateur ranks, but this opponent trained straight forward to be a professional. It was his opponent's fault for not training himself to protect the jaw better.  As he peeled off the damp sweaty tape from his hand and fingers, Michael inspected for excess swelling. Flexing the digits to be sure, he tossed the tape away. Some boxers used the same tape over and over, considering tape used during a win, to be lucky. Not Michael –boxing was a sweaty disgusting mess as it was and while he enjoyed it immensely, he didn’t believe in luck, when he had faith in himself, God, and his training.

(ooc—meta points to any who can find the spiritual fault in Michael’s last sentence.)
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Name :Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Party
Word count : 253
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Note: Excerpt of back-story in  [personal profile] jerseycharmer

Michael’s first birthday.

It was a near battle when Mike squealed in delight over the “Annie” soundtrack instead of her beloved Frank Sinatra. When he screamed blood murder as Maggie tried to change the record all on her own, almost scratching it beyond repair, their parents stepped in with good humor and timing, setting Michael’s birthday cake on the living room’s large coffee table.

Soon, both were distracted by the bright shiny candle in Mikey’s cake.

“No Maggie, that’s for your brother. But you can cheer him on, ok?”

“Ok! Go Mikey, blow!” Maggie clapped with enthusiasm. She loved her brother even if he did have strange taste in music.

As he blew out his candle or at least tried, little Michael slapped his hand on the table and call out his sister’s name. He needed her help. Not is mother, not his father, but her, his big sister. She knew the best things to do for fun and already knew how to blow out candles. She had already blown out several, Maggie told her brother with pride, as she tried to coach him on how to have a birthday. Of course it went in one ear and out the other. At one year old, Michael was more interested in loud cartoons and teething rings. Still, she was bigger and he did remember a word or two of their chat.

“No, you help!” Another slap on the table and then both of them tried, succeeding in blowing out said candle, while their parents took many pictures.


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Name :Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Do you believe in ghosts?
Word count : 580
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1989- It was just prior to the age of keeping stricter watch on children’s comings and goings, so their parents had allowed them this fun. What possible trouble that they could get into, in their own backyard, would be minimal anyway, they thought with amusement.

~ The Mobster Ghosts of  AC, NJ~

She had to be pulling his leg. Mikey was sure that Maggie couldn’t possibly believe the whopper of a ghost story that she was belting out. By flashlight, in the backyard of their Atlantic City, New Jersey home inside their tent, Maggie related to her brother, the tale of Paulie the stoolpigeon and his sidekick, Bruno the “bat” man, Luciano. She had a very vivid imagination…

“…and every night, the pair comes out to haunt our neighborhood, just looking for old debts to collect. Some people say they have their guns and other stuff on them to scare the bajeebus out of people.” Maggie darted eyes left and right before letting them rest solely upon Michael. Flashlight up to her chin, she added in muffled tones, “Some also say they collect debts for others for the fun of it.” Giving a raised eyebrow for effect, Maggie tried not to show how hilarious this was. Her poor brother looked as if he was about to pee his pajama pants.

“So like, if I owed money, maybe this Bruno and Paulie would come and scare it out of me? Right, Maggie, who you trying to kid?”

“Oh, I don’t know Mikey – why just last night, our neighbors swore up and down there were sounds of baseball bats hitting kneecaps and chains rattling just outside their bedroom window.”

“And how do you know that wasn’t just Eddy and his pals messing with the tourists?” Eddy and his pals messing with the tourists?” Eddy and his pals messing with the tourists?” At eight years old, the entire second grade class that he was in, was terrorized by Frank, Eddy’s little brother. Every other day, the kid was bragging about his brother’s exploits.

“Because Eddy is in Juvie this week, Mikey – they pulled him out of my class on Monday for the pet shop vandalism thing from the week before. You remember that, dontcha?”

“Oh yeah, I remember. All the animals got out and there was cat litter and hamster bedding all over the front of the pet store.” Mikey smiled a little and then gulped. So if it wasn’t Eddy, then maybe Maggie was right and he did owe her two dollars from last month and he hadn’t paid her back yet. Instead of caving in and freaking out, Mikey played it cool and slid far down into his sleeping bag. If there were ghosts, he’s have to play big and strong so he could protect Maggie.

She knew she had him on the ropes then, and that by tomorrow, she’d have her two dollars back. A bit of harmless story telling and financial gain. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, she’d never let anything bad happen to her brother and would defend him to the death if need be.

Maggie slid into her own bag and they were just about to fall asleep to the sounds of Atlantic City nightlife not more than a block away. Both were assured in the safety of their beings, when all of the sudden – BAM! The sound startled them both, causing them to run out quickly and back into the house, screaming their heads off. Neither looked back to see that it was just an old truck passing in their alleyway, whose muffler decided to die right as it passed their backyard.

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Name :Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Night
Word count : 306
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The day is done and all work and boxing training has ceased; after dinner and maybe some television or a dinner out with friends, the night time is for sleeping. Or it’s supposed to be anyway. Not where I live. Yeah, yeah, I know that Atlantic City is one of the cities that never sleep, as some might suggest that maybe I forgot to read the memo before I moved here. Uh, hello, I’m native Atlantic City resident if you haven’t figured that out yet already.

It’s not my fault I have trouble sleeping, but over the years, I have come up with many non abusive ways to combat sleep deprivation.

Tips for sleeping in Atlantic City if drugs and booze are not an option.

1. If you can afford it, rent a place that has sound proofed walls. And that’s pretty much for anywhere in the city proper.
2. Do not live close to the boardwalk. Get as far into the residential districts as you can. Trust me; the locals are far less noisy than the tourists. Sure, there is gang related activity, but almost every city has that. Not every city has tourists. Correction, they just might, but I am sticking to my first judgment call on this one.
3. If you have to live near the boardwalk, earplugs – earplugs – earplugs. I can’t stress that enough.
4. Find as music station or cd you like and play it at night, every night, along with one of those white noise machines.
5. Heavy curtains, draperies o block out the light if you are fortunate enough to be able to catch a nap in the day time.
6. It would also be helpful if there were certain family members, whose honor you didn’t obsess worry over so much.
7. Rinse, later, repeat as often as necessary.
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Name :Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: What are you waiting for?
Word count : 369
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“What are you waiting for Michael? Dig in already, I drove almost fifty three miles to get these here,” Maggie laughed as she threw and he caught the two bags thrown at him. Michael smirked and took a step back so that she could get out of the car. “Yeah, I know, and who was waiting here when you pulled up to the parking lot. Did you get the?”


“And with all the little chicken things that look like onion rings and the you know …with the …?” Michael asked as he tore the stapled receipt off the bag and reached inside.

“Yes, yes, now eat already or I’ll eat yours too,” Maggie replied and managed look like she actually would.

“Oh no you won’t, I’m just…uhm.” There was more uhms, hmms, and uh sounds as the stepped inside and went up to his apartment. Hmm, he’d been so good lately with his training. He ate the right things in the right amounts, with the supplements. He should be ok with a splurge of junk food eating. It was the same mantra said over and over in his head, justify the binge of all binges he was about to embark upon.

“Screw training. Some things are just worth it, you know? Am I right or am I right?” Michael finally managed to put out, as they step inside.

“Mikey!” Maggie laughed-snort-giggled, a bit surprised that he both cursed and made light of training. Setting down the tray of sodas, she pulled up a chair to sit at the counter between his kitchen and living room, to eat.

“Well, what are you waiting for?”

“Almost forgot to say grace,” Michael replied and set his hands in his lap.

“Oh yeah, right, right, you do it,” Maggie nodded, humoring her brother. She more often than not, forgot to say grace herself.

After grace, Michael chuckled as he set out ten boxes filled with White Castle Burgers and in the next bag there were the chicken rings and French fries – those were laid out as well. He was so going to pay for each and every bite, but it was worth it.

[ooc-Mun does not own or represent White Castle Burgers or the movie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, which inspired this silly post]
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Name:Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Hindsight is always 20/20
Word count : 459
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“I should have used the left hook, right?”

“No kid, you did just fine.”

“But I lost the fight,” Michael replied back as he began to unwind the sweat soaked tape from one of his hands. Into the laundry bag it went and then he went for the other tape, looking back to his trainer as they talked.

“Yes, you did,” Michael’s trainer, Buddy, replied. He had a real name – preferred Buddy so Michael never called the man anything but that.

“So, what do you think I need to work on then?” Into the laundry bag went the other tape and after wiping both hands with a towel, he inspected for bruising.

“You need to work on relaxing.”

“What, you mean like my stance, my shoulders, what,” Michael asked, placing one hand on each knee.

Buddy just stared at him. Some days, the kid was really thick. He loved him to pieces – like a son almost – but some days… “No, I mean your personal life. “

“My personal life is just fine. I eat, drink, and sleep training.”

“And that’s your problem – we need to relax your schedule just a bit.”


“No buts, I’m shaving a half hour off your morning training, a mile off your running schedule, and an hour off your night training,

“But what if the other guy is bigger, better, stronger, won’t I need a one up on them?”

“You will, Mikey, you have talent. But you also have tunnel vision. You are too focused, if ever there were such a thing, Mikey. I don’t care how many times we go over a fight and ruminate in hindsight on how you could have done better. Think about it – I know I say crazy things like no sex before a fight, but have you ever even gone further than a kiss? Do you even try to seek out girlfriends or hell, for all I know, boyfriends? It ain’t like I care, but what do you do outside of training and work and worrying after your sister?”

Michael had no answer for that, as all that he wanted to do after training was go over last week’s fight and see where he went wrong. However, his trainer was yapping about his personal life and giving dating tips. What was this world coming to, anyway?

“Don’t hurt yourself thinking about it kid. Take the next two days off training and get outside and have fun – anything but training. I know your running path – I don’t want to catch you…”

“All right, all right already. Jeeze. I’m going.”

Buddy was probably right, but then again, Buddy was probably trying to relive his glory days through him, Michael thought as he walked outside and begin to walk, not run, home.
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Name:Michael Jacob-Francis
Fandom: Original Character
Topic: I never thought I'd say this, but...
Word count : 175
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta ]

I never thought I'd say this, but...maybe I am a little jealous of Maggie. I mean, well, we both have full and busy lives, but hers seems to be ever changing. There never seems to be a moment when her goals are not being realized and new ones are put in place – even when some idea that she’s had just up and tanks, she doesn’t let it stop her from moving forward. Now, I’m not saying she’s oblivious to the bad things that happen along the way, it’s just that …well, it’s like she knows something that I don’t know.

[Locked] It bugs me to no end. I’m the one that goes to church, visits mom and dad regularly, is still a virgin and it just isn’t fair! I want that same easy going manner as she has …she says all I have to do is believe, but I don’t think she means in God. Well, I know she believes in God, but she has a faith in herself that just isn’t natural. If I had that kind of faith, maybe I wouldn’t worry so much about failure, as I do. [/end-lock]

Oh yeah, back to jealousy; you see, it’s like I only got one dream, this whole being a boxer business. Not sure what I’d do if my plans go down the tubes. Everything I have ever done since I was a kid, has been building toward this dream. If it dies, well, I just don’t know what I’d do next. Maybe work myself to an early grave or just long enough to get turned out on my ear one day before retirement like my dad. I guess I am just jealous that Maggie doesn’t seem to worry about any of those things r if she does, then she doesn’t tell me.

I just don’t know.
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Name:Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: The morning after
Word count : 175
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Michael had a pounding headache and it felt as if he had been out drinking all night. It was anything but that, it was his second professional bout last night and he got totally hosed. No if, and, or buts about it, he got the snot beat out of him – but it was a good fight! It was a close one and by the last round, they both looked and felt like hamburger.

Just as the sweet symphony of aching eyelids, sore muscles, and tender knuckles couldn’t get any worse, the phone rang.

“Maggie, voice lower…please. Thanks. No, lost it, but I gave it my best shot, I always do. Of course, I look like a wreck. When does your plane touch down? Ok hold on …8pm, no wait, 8 am …want mom and dad there? Ok, just me. But swear you are going to go visit them before the weekend is through. …Maggie, swear … ok, good see you then.”

Well, his workout-training schedule was shot to hell, for this morning anyway. He had planned to do a full workout, but a stern look from his trainer last night in warning, made him think twice. The morning after a fight, he could afford to rest, he said, but Michael protested. He stretched out at least and did a yoga routine, which was playing on the sports channel. He had to do something.

He couldn’t just waste a morning relaxing, but maybe Maggie’s call was a sign to do just that. Yes, after he got back, it was back to bed and nothing but movies and light snacks. That, along with the Ibuprofen and muscle pain gel, by tomorrow, he should at least be feeling up to work – even if he didn’t look like a top model for a little while.
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Name:Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: What song best describes your life?
Word count : 175
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Hold on a min ...mmph …there, now that my mouthpiece is out, I can answer. Ok look, see this is how it is, people. I really don’t got a song for all occasions that can best tell you all how my life really is, ok? All right. But I do got a song that I really, really like. You do know who Billy Joel is right? Ok, who just said to themselves, “Billy who?”? Where have you been living, in a cave?

…Oh, right, the song. It’s called “You’re Only Human”. I think I liked it first because of these lyrics.

Just like a boxer in a title fight
You got to walk in that ring all alone
You’re not the only one who’s made mistakes
But they’re the only thing that you can truly call your own

You see, I think life is a lot like that. In the end, no matter how many friends and family members that you have, sometimes you have to “man up” and own up to your mistakes, all by yourself. Man, there’s no one else that can do it for you.

Well that and I swear I break out into a grin every time it comes on. Makes me feel good about just being human.

You're Only Human )
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Name:Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Topic: Talk about one thing you hope to do in the upcoming year that you have never done before. It could be something significant or something trivial.
Word count : 221
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta ]

~What you want most, so far, you have already achieved and you hate thinking about anything other than moving forward with your goals. You want something so bad you can taste it, that feeling of want, need, and desperation to achieve. It eats away at you, that if you stop at any time to enjoy the world around you, you might miss a step and fall off your carefully planned life. You will be a champion if it is the last thing that you ever do and damn those that would drag you down. ~

Two weeks left before his next fight and Michael was ready, like now, as in yesterday type of ready. He felt like a bull in a cage and the cowboys at the rodeo were tormenting him to keep his fighting spirit alive.

Hate was a strong word for Mikey. However, there was a feeling of disgust at life in general when his goals were stalled or the waiting period was too long. He could wait two weeks, but he would never stay still. He would always use everything in his environment to his advantage, if it helped to further his training.

As for a goal in the new and upcoming year, Michael’s answer was the same as it had always been –become a world champion boxer.
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Name:Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Talk about a memorable (or unexpected) kiss at a holiday party.
Word count : 211
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Michael was not a fan of New Year’s eve or the whole mistletoe extravaganza at Christmas parties. He avoided them as much as he possibly could. He hated the way people kissed as if they were just shaking hands. It implied an intimacy that he really didn’t care to share with anyone. It spoke of potential that he did not wish to contemplate at any time. To say that there was more to life than physical pleasure would be hypocritical. He thoroughly enjoyed the physical rush of exercise and battle …well, a boxing match was a battle of sorts. Oh, there were hugs and pats on the backs with family and friends and stupid locker-room antics, as well as noogies to Maggie’s forehead when she really irritated him. It was all in good fun, however.

No, just no – very rarely when he tried to date, a kiss was given, but they just fell flat. He often wondered if he just wasn’t into women. But that didn’t fly with Michael. He thought all bodies were beautiful …from a distance. It wasn’t that at all. Long ago, he quit trying to figure out why he was like this and counted his blessings for all the extra time that he was given, to training more than others.
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Name:Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: What’s your worst quality as a significant other?
Word count : 340
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta ]

This time, last year:

“Come on and give it up, Mikey. It’s not like anyone is gonna care or anything. It’s not like you are a girl or anything, or are you?”

“You know what, Jackie, I’ve had just about enough out of you. Just shut it.”

Mikey was the salt of the earth when it came to women, but even he had his limits. Jackie just didn’t understand he wasn’t going down that road with anyone. And he certainly had fewer words to explain why that wouldn’t make him seem like a total goof.

“Excuse me? Do you know who you are talking to? I’ve got like five brothers, two of them who are Teamsters, who could beat the crap out of you for talking to me like that. What the Hell is wrong with you anyway? Twenty-four year old virgin – who’d you think you’d be kidding with that line, huh?”

“Oh yeah, how would they like it if I told them why?” Ok, that line of defense could go either way. If anyone told him that Maggie was being an uber witch, in an effort to feel better about not being the one to take their virginity, he’d probably deck them as well. They had only gone on three dates, so what was she expecting from him anyway?

A long moment of silence passes between them as they just sit on a bench in a park that overlooked the seaboard. Michael didn’t look over to her when he spoke next.

“I think that we may be better off as friends, Jackie.” It wasn’t the slickest of words, but at least this way, she wouldn’t feel tooooo brushed off and disgusted for being rejected.

“You took the words right out of my mouth, Michael,” Jackie let out in a huff as she got up and walked away. She’d get over it …maybe …whatever.

Michael just let her leave. She really wasn’t all that bad – none of his ex's were. No, it wasn’t them, it was him – he was sure of that fact.
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Name:Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: If you could change just one aspect of your society, what would it be?
Word count : 242
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta ]

I think that I would change the athletic programs for schools in this country. Make it work for al the kids and not just those who were born to excel at it. Because let’s face it, with the exception of those blessed with a healthy appetite for competitive sports or obsessed with the “thin is in” look, the rest of our society’s children are desperately out of shape.

They should make gym fun and not the torture chamber it can be at times. Ever stop to wonder why so many kids try to get out of gym class ...well except for that whole trying to get out of showering with the classmates business. I don’t blame’em there.

But really, make it so they pay attention in a positive way; keep an eye out for bullies, occupy their minds as well as their body in the same hour; the brain is a muscle too. Find a balance and for the love of all that is good, stop making fun of the students you are in charge of when they can’t quite make the grade just yet …jeeze.

*realizes he just veered off course*

Hmm, anyway, now it may not appeal to everyone who is out of shape and I am not judging that at all, you know. But given the right circumstances at an early age, I think most kids could carry what they learned in gym into their every day adult lives.
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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Mikey vs. Another boxer
Word count : 228
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Round Nine and one to go.
Blood pounding.
There’s ringing in my ears ...damn.
Oh, cussing, sorry God.

Get him with the left.
No, your other left, Mikey!
Jeeze, keep moving.
Don't be an idiot, Mikey.
Don't be an idiot.

Yeah, that's right sucker.
Here's another.
How do ya like that, huh?
Pow ...pa...pow-pow Hwuah!
Score with an uppercut.
Heh, he's on the ropes.
Good, I needed a breather.
Ok, he’s back.
Man that hurt.
Ok, so did that.
Hey, that was a cheap shot.
You punk!
Awh man, the ref didn’t even see.

Hope the judges did.
Good thing the bell rang...
To my corner ...where was it again?
Say, watch it with the Vaseline.
Over the cut and NOT in my eye, jeeze.

Focus Mikey.
Round ten.
Now get back in there.
And stay away from his left hook.

Don’t know where the last two minutes went.

But who cares, I won!
The guy is out cold with one minute to spare.
Take that world!

*fade to black as Mikey passes out just seconds after being announced the winner. *

*Locker room is empty, trainer-manager is in background doing the paperwork, and Michael is sitting up right finally, all patched up (as much as possible anyway.)*

Man, my first professional fight rocked!
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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Dance
Word count : 150
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta bio sheet-a work in progress (more than just current bio page, which is a basic summary). ALL comments are considered meta- but she is available for specific in game rp -- if needed]

I don’t like to dance. Ok, I do. But not like most people. That whole grouping together and groping…way too distracting. I like the club music where you can dance on your own and at most dance somewhere near the person or group that I am with.

Oh, then there is boxing. Now that’s dancing. You don’t think so, huh? Well, you try avoiding a left hook and see how fancy and agile you become. You become a regular Fred Astaire or Gene Kelley. I know! It’s like I didn’t believe it either, but between my sister and my trainer, both telling me over and over…

Maggie made me learn Swing Dance.

She still owes me a favor for that. Not that I will try to collect. Sometimes you just have to suck it up when you do a favor for family. It’s just what you do, you know?
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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis *
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Sunrise
Word count : 321 words
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At 4:00 am, Michael woke up, took his shower, prayed and then took his vitamins and protein powder drink.

By 4:30 am, he was stretching, then jumping rope and then after that, he was out the door for a five-mile run that lead him to the gym at around 5:15, give or take ten minutes. Outside the gym, he’d talk up the newsstand guy as he bought bottle water and a newspaper. The newspaper; read for all of ten minutes as he ate half his energy bar and rehydrated, getting his heart rate back down a bit.

By 5:45 am, he was in the gym, putting himself through a grueling two-hour workout that his trainer put him through every weekday and sometimes on Saturday.

And at 8:15, he was cooling down, showering and then stepping out the gym doors to walk home.

That was his Fall schedule without fail and that was just the morning. It was before getting home to get ready for his first part time job of the day, cycling messages around the city. Everything that he did was geared toward training. Even his second job included some minor heavy lifting, bussing tables and washes dishes for the diner rush crowd at one of the casinos.

Why he wrote it down on a list and kept it on his person, at all times, was a mystery. He knew the schedule by heart, Michael mused as he stepped outside the gym on one of Atlantic City’s colder mornings. Halfway through his training session, he stopped, always being the one to volunteer a coffee run at the newsstand for his trainer. Of he didn’t volunteer, he’d missed seeing the sunrise over the Atlantic seaboard. There was nothing like it in his opinion and every day he was still kicking, he got to see two of God’s most beautiful creations at once.
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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis *
fandom: Original Character
Topic: Road Trip
Word count : 743 words
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta. The bio sheet-a work in progress and not on front page yet( will be more than just current bio page). ALL comments are considered meta- but he is available for specific in game rp -- if needed]

“Maggie, what’s going on?”

“Just pick me up at the airport, I can’t talk about it. Please, no more questions, Mikey.” Maggie prayed fervently, that her brother would do as she asked, just this once. Normally, she’d let him interrogate her until she told him the truth of the matter or emergency. But not this time. She was risking his life enough as it was by coming back to Atlantic City.

“Please Mikey.”

“All right, just hang tight and I’ll be there as soon as I can, Maggie.” Weary of what was to come, Michael set the phone down carefully and he wondered what mess Maggie had gotten herself into this time. It wouldn’t be the first time that he babysitted Maggie through some tragic event or failed relationship, though the latter was something she usually got over quickly. No, this had the feel of the former and it wasn’t the first time either, that he wished that he believed in owning a gun – he didn’t.

If he smoked, Michael would have gone through a pack by now, from the time that his sister had called to when he made himself ready to leave for the Newark Liberty International Airport. As it was, he did indulge himself in junk food, making a note to stop off on the way to bring some for Maggie as well. It couldn’t hurt and if she didn’t want to talk, then she could at least eat – hopefully. With a drive of 228 miles total and that was only if there were no interruptions, he needed all the distractions that he could weave for her. All part of Maggie aftercare.

All of eighteen and living in a studio, Michael had his own car, two part-time jobs, and he had just officially begun amateur training for his new age bracket. It was a tough schedule, but he still found time to go to church, ever Sunday and sometimes during the week, for a morning service. However, when he took care of Maggie in such times like these, he dropped everything that he could, in order to help.

“Dammit Maggie…”

He didn’t really mean that, Michael thought as he went the absolute speed limit. He couldn’t afford to be pulled over for any reason. Never mind the money, if he was late, Maggie may wander away and he couldn’t let that happen. This was the story of their life. Maggie in trouble or what looked to be trouble and Michael to the rescue. It was that simple and some might think dysfunctional. Borderline incestuous some would say if they didn’t know better, but it wasn’t like that, Michael thought as he gripped the steering wheel with one hand and held a Slim Jim to eat, with the other.

Maggie just didn’t operate on the same principles of life that those around her followed. Sometimes she just didn’t see the consequences of her actions until too late and as usual, he was there to pick up the pieces. Michael wasn’t sure what she did this time, but he wasn’t going to pry – maybe next time. Hopefully, he will not have to pry and she will think twice before doing something so unthinkingly. Probably not, but he had to hope. He had to have faith that Maggie could be redeemed.

More Slim Jim and a half a bottle of cola, later, he was a bit calmer. Junk food did that for him. Hard to believe, where it worked the opposite in others. Didn’t make his trainer too happy, but his trainer didn’t have to keep an eye out on Maggie.

He didn’t go to the parking lots, but went straight to the pickup area, where he knew Maggie would be smoking. Yet another bad habit of hers that he overlooked. It was small in comparison.

There she was looking as skinny and lost as he’d never seen her before. There were scrapes in the past, sure, but this … he wondered if she was hooked on drugs.

He should have gone with her. He’d given her far too much credit in regards to being able to handle herself.

“Ready to go home?” He gave her the brightest smile that he could. When she simply nodded, Michael pulled back out into traffic, taking them on a road trip that would lead to his studio. It wouldn’t be like the mad rush to get here and retrieve her. All was well now.

Maggie was home.

For now.
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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis *
fandom: Original Character
Topic: The Moral Of The Story Is
Word count : 195
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta. The bio sheet-a work in progress and not on front page yet( will be more than just current bio page). ALL comments are considered meta- but he is available for specific in game rp -- if needed]

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

I am sorry that I beat your son within an inch of his life, as you described to my parents. Thank you for not pressing charges after you heard the full story on how your son called my sister a whore when she was still a virgin. She says that she is and that is the end of the story. Stop staring at the paper like that!

My parents also say that you are welcome over for dinner any time. They ask that you please understand it may be in the best interest of your son and I, that we do not see each other at this time Because I can and will do it again.. So please leave him at home, but give him our best regards.

Thank you again,
Michael Jacob-Francis

“There, son, now after all of that, what lesson did we learn, or moral of the story as it were,” asked Michael’s father as he sealed the envelope and put a stamp on it to mail out in the morning.

“Don’t get caught?”

“Michael Jacob-Francis, go to your room!”

“Awwwh Jeeze.”
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Name : Michael Jacob-Francis *
fandom: Original Character
Topic: What do your ancestors mean to you?
Word count : 297
[ooc--All posts are for player not character knowledge only – not for your character to use in game –unless agreed upon– which is ok because all replies to challenges are meta. The bio sheet-a work in progress and not on front page yet( will be more than just current bio page). ALL comments are considered meta- but he is available for specific in game rp -- if needed]

Hmm, well I know that I was born in the year of the rooster, my mother’s parents were Chinese and my father’s parents were of French decent. I could tell you the entire history of China and France, what it means to be born the year of the Rooster. I could quote statistical and geographical facts on both countries and I still wouldn’t be able to tell you more than what my parents have told me about their own parents. It wasn’t a lot to be honest. .Ancestry has been a hush-hush issue in my household for as long as I can remember, as are a lot of other subjects.

I tried doing a family tree once and my mother and father went all kinds of quiet on me. Out of respect for them, I don’t push.

But honestly? It would be nice to feel a closer connection with those who came before me, other than just a passing reference at the dinner table by slip of tongue. Must be nice to know who your great-great grandparents were or even great-great-great. *shrug*

In some Chinese families, ancestor worship still abounds. Excusing the fact that I am Catholic, even if I wasn’t, I have no names to set up on high and revere.

On a larger scale, I come from two very different nations, two very different racial profiles and you know what, it’s all good. In reality, God watches over us all. We’re all from the same family, in some way, shape, or form. I can look to you, you , or even you, and see your family tree to get a glimpse of what my own could have been –or maybe not. I don’t know.

Sorry, some days, getting a handle on my ancestors, is tricky business.


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