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yay! My Mikey's PB is going to play Agent North for the X-Men Origins movie! *dances*
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Men's retreat: Labor Day Weekend: Day 1

It had surprised Michael just how much Maggie had settled down this year. Sure, she still worked in casinos thinking she brought luck, but she also held down two other part timing gigs that netted a healthy egg nest for her. That was good, for the way it was going, it looked like she would never want to marry anyone. It was a disappointment to their parents, but they would get over it. That was, they would have gotten over it, until they learned he wanted to be a priest.

Now they would never have grandchildren. Well, not legitimate ones because Maggie swore she would never marry - not even for that. He smiled at her as she helped him pack his bags into his nicely used, beat up  Chevy Truck  so early in the morning when she could be sleeping.

Taking on a passenger after stopping at the Church,  he drive off at the safest speed possible, making it to the Lodge in good time. Finally, he had been waiting for this retreat for weeks. Just those considering entering the service, complete with sermons and classes, as well as a lot of prayer and contemplation.   With twenty three capacity,  all paying just about a hundred, it would be a blast! 

By the time the first half of the day was over, there had already been two lectures and three prayer sessions. It was free time after lunch for about an hour - he chose to take his best shot at getting to one of the benches near the crucifixion statue in the gardens.

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Michael not only lost, he was obliterated. Stretched out upon the canvas mat, both eyes swollen, there was little else to do but watch the back of his eyelids during the final count. As he he heard the number three, two, and then one. It all faded to black. Back in the dressing room, he was revived enough to be fully examined. Definite signs of a concussion, along with a broken nose, double split lip and two black eyes still swollen, he listened to the encouragement from his trainer. That it was his best fight yet, on every sports channel even. If he could look incredulous, he would.

How on earth was this his best fight yet? It was supposed to be the super middleweight title fight and it didn't even last the whole fifteen rounds, only going for eight. On and on, the exam went, until he was stitched up, bandaged, and heavily medicated. By the time that Maggie and their parents were allowed inside and he was allowed to leave, Michael could not figure up from down. The doctor telling them not to let him sleep for many hours, he sat in the car and then at Maggie's place until he was allowed two Vicodin at three am.

He wondered what the morning would bring as the pain went away again and all his bandaging was inspected. The doctor didn't seem too happy despite the fact that he was allowed to go home and had ordered him to come to his private practice before noon.

Not used to the drugs, he actually giggle snorted when Maggie tucked him into the pull out bed in the living room, and promptly conked out.

ooc - well wishes can be sent in the form of text messaging and emails, which Michael is able to access.
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W 2 (2 ko's) | L1 | D 0 | Total 3 )

Upcoming Match: January 5th Super Middleweight title (WBA)*Not the Real life WBA. His own world WBA. World Boxing Association.
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The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to Purgatory!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Extreme
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)High
Level 2 (Lustful)Very Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)Very Low
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Low
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test
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Ten things I am grateful for

  1. My family
  2. Especially my sister
  3. My trainers
  4. My wins
  5. My losses
  6. My God
  7. My health
  8. My friends
  9. My willpower
  10. My virginity
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[livejournal.com profile] thetenspot

1. Slim Jims- totally heinous junk food. But I love it still. Even after I know what goes in it. *shudders*
2. Caviar - Fish eggs? Come on people, it's fish eggs - ick.
3. Aspartame - hideous tasting sugar replacement that is worse for you than sugar.
4. Cabbage soup - the smell of it cooking, alone, keeps me from trying the stuff.
5. Liver - You can cook it up any way you like, but it still has that horrible after taste that stays with your breath for days, no matter how hard you brush. Not to mention, it stinks up the house when you are cooking it. Not worth the effort -- I'll get my iron elsewhere.
6. Kalamari- it's rubbery, chewy, and sometimes gritty. Getting a little green just thinking about trying it again
7. Captain Crunch cereal - Do you know how many times, as a kid, my gums got ripped to shreds when I could not wait for the cereal to soften? Cereal softening should only take less than two minutes or I won't eat it.
8. Nestle's chocolates or most of them - I don't what their process is, but it leaves a chalky taste in my mouth. Gross.
9. Gumbo: My sister loves this stuff, but if I have to spend half my time trying to pick out the soggy okra, it's not happening.
10. Brie cheese- another rubbery substance - just no.
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For the longest time, I did not have any scars. My mother said it was because of all her prayers. Thanks ma!

As both professional boxer and recreation East Coast surfer, things were bound to crop up. Most of the scars are boring really.


  1. Under my right elbow, there is a scar from the stitches I got when I almost ripped the skin right off my elbow.
    1. Cause:  I was surfing out of season. Flipping my board and the undertow dragging across barnacles.
  2. Thin scar on upper chest area.
    1. Cause: Attempting to shave chest hair out of boredom. Not that I had many, but hey, I was sixteen and well…uhm, yeah.
  3. Not so much a scar as a slightly bump in nose that can barely be seen.
    1. Cause: Being knocked in the fifth round of an amateur boxing match.
  4. Scar on my left palm.
    1.  Working at a meat-packing factory. I picked up the wrong end of the knife. Stupidest scar ever.
  5. Scar from stitches over right eye -almost covered by brow.
    1. Cause: Straight punch by my opponent.
  6. Chipped tooth fixed by orthodontist.
    1. Cause: Face meeting canvas floor in the sixth round.
  7.  Tiny scar on right pinky
    1. Cause: From picking up a feral cat.
  8. A light scar on left shin
    1. Falling down stairs to apartment.
  9. Scarred knuckles of left hand. (very faded now)
    1. From beating the snot out of a guy who called my sister a whore.
  10.  Last, but not least, a scar on my back about the size of a quarter.
    1. On the job, helping to carry a few large boxes and backed into a table.


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1. No Maggie, I don’t want to go out with your best friend …her brother either!
2. Fine, I will not tell mom and dad you just snuck in after midnight, smelling of a nightclub.
3. What’s it to you? (said to jocks at high school before game in regards to his virginity)
4. NO, I am not gay! I don’t think (said to first date when he would not put out)
5. For the love of, no Catholics are not Cannibals who eat the body of Christ every Sunday… *insert headdesking here* (said to neighborhood drunks on street corner where he grew up)
6. That is NOT my child. ( said to same date’s parent’s nine months later)
7. Oh yeah, you’re mother! (said before his very first fight in defending Maggie’s honor)
8. Yeah, I think I have two tens [for a five]. (said at age eight to a couple of hoodlum kids he was trying to impress)
9. Mom, where do babies come from? (said at age five – he’s still recovering *g*)
10. For the last time, I don’t have time to go back and get underwear. (said in his swimming trunks, holding his surfboard at Brighton Beach at age thirteen

Michael Jacob Francis - OC
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1.    I am a great boxer.

2.    I believe in God (Catholic – practicing)

3.    I love my sister Maggie even if she is a bit odd. (Odd being understatement of the year).

4.    I hold only one job now plus boxing practice.

5.    I used to hold two jobs plus practice. But I got a few sponsors now.

6.    I am not a virgin.

7.    I am not a big fan of the tourists in Atlantic City. Nothing personal, bit they can be quite noisy, you know.

8.    I don’t drink very much. I can’t stand dulling my senses with downers like booze.

9.    I refuse to admit defeat. Usually, if they are lucky, an opponent must completely knock me out to win. Otherwise, I just keep coming.

10.   I have a temper when it comes to protecting my sister.

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Michael Jacob-Francis – OC -

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Name: Michael Jacob-Francis
Fandom: OC
Topic Tell a secret
Word Count: 155

I honestly don't have any secrets that I know I can give away without hurting others. That's what you do, you know – when you tell secrets about people that you know, to others. Not only that, you lose the trust someone else has placed on you. You might as well be spitting in their face and that’s just wrong, people. Wrong.

Ya know what? I think I read somewhere in Dear Abby that … What? I read. Anyway, when more than two people know a secret, it is no longer a secret. SO telling defeats the whole ..Ah forget about it. I got nothing for you.

Are there any secret about me? No and don’t ask me about my virgins status. It has been played to death already. I have no real secrets unless you count the reasons why I am one, Intimacy issues much? and that, I am so taking to my grave.
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Name: Michael Jacob-Francis
Fandom: OC
Topic Your perfect day
Word Count: 440


White suits and first communion, it was a perfect day for Michael Jacob-Francis. How could he think any other day would compare to this? When it was his turn, he opened his hand. He then prayed that it wasn’t true, that at the last minute, the priest would switch the wafer with Styrofoam peanuts, like his study buddy said. Michael he breath a sigh of relief when the real thing was placed gently on his tongue.

And then …nothing?

There was no bright white light, no flashes of soulful inspiration; nothing but the sound of his heart pounding in his chest. Michael had been psyched, studying all year to be the top in his catechism class. By the time this day had come, Michael’s imagination had worked up to epic proportions, expecting all kinds of earth shattering revelations.

But there were none that he could see or hear.

What he got was a slight nudge from the next in line and then it was off to sit back down with his family. Now that the communion had been met and the service was over, everyone seemed so happy, less somber.

At home, it felt no different. But at least there was a party for him. That was fun, he thought, feeling the moment slip away from him, as of he missed a very big point. Everyone was laughing, smiling and taking pictures of Mikey with all his first communion gifts, which his family bought him.

“You see, you just talk into this Mikey and you can save all your talks with God. I hear you at night, so I sorta thought…” Nine and a half years old, Maggie’s room was right next to his. She knew for a fact, he talked every night after prayers, long after he forgot what he was praying about; her brother just loved talking to God.

When he opened Maggie’s gift, it kinda sort of actually clicked. It was a tape recorder.

“Thank you Maggie!” Cheered by the thoughtful gift and reminded what his day was really about, Michael thought this day couldn’t get any more perfect.

~ {Today]~

Any day that I win is a perfect day. It wipes out all negativity and it lifts me up from out of the ordinary masses, to that of someone who actually did something with their life. And yeah, yeah, I know that even if I lose a match, that at least I did my best. But that doesn’t cut it with me. Losing sucks. Period. Not very many remember the losers of a match, unless they crapped out so spectacularly, that it was a noteworthy event.

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Name: Michael Jacob-Francis
Fandom: OC
If you could completely start your life over from scratch, what would you do differently the second time around (if anything)? Why?
Word count: 292

Click – Rewind and it is back to the same punch sequence again and again. He stares at his footwork in one rewind and looks at his hips in the next. He then does the same for the other guy before focusing on the actual punch to his left temple, which almost lost him the fight – key word being almost. Mimicking the shoulder movements from his armchair, with a torquing of the waist, Michael let a left jab fly out and snap back.   Maybe he should have done that instead of the roundhouse punch, leaving his face unprotected. If he could go back in time and change one thing, that wouldn’t be it as a first thought, but it was a start. Maybe a few things he would try to change, but he learned by living around Maggie. You couldn’t just change people, places, and things, expecting  THEM to thank you for it…

 “So what you’re saying, is that I need to quite telegraphing my   ...

...Hey ow, quit it!”

 Stars dancing before his eyes, when they snapped open. He woke to slapping sounds.


“You want to win? You’d better get your ass up and back in the here and now, before the judges figure out you got a screw loose!” Al, his trainer, was screaming at him to get up with a few well places cheek slaps. It worked perfectly.

Michael got up unsteadily to his feet and grounded himself quickly. So, what were a few scrambled brain cells, if he finally learned that doesn’t matter what you did last time, except as a lesson learned. It’s better not to make the mistake in the first place, he thought while protecting his face much better this time around.

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Name :Michael Jacob-Francis
Fandom: Original Character
Topic: Who has made you smile recently
Word count : 308

I mean it had to happen sometime. I chipped a tooth during a match and couldn’t find the bits and pieces anywhere. But the dentists did a great job and I was lucky, that it really could have been worse. You know, it was my first chipped tooth or damaged tooth from a match. I mean, I know lots of guys who’ve lost their whole front set.

So, there I was in the twelfth round, getting hit so hard, my mouthpiece went flying. There was only a small bit of tooth that was actually knocked out and I still won. It was a KO in the thirteenth round. After the fight, Maggie has said she looked, but there was nothing to be done.

But that wasn’t what made me smile.

I got visited by the tooth fairy, I shit you kid you not. Ok, well, just a little. The morning after the dentist, after I had come back from a morning jog, I noticed my pillow was a bit off center. I know, because I make my bed a certain way, every morning. I moved said pillow and there was a check for five thousand dollars from Maggie and a card that was more suited for a five year old –complete with tooth fairies on the front of the card.

But it’s ok that Maggie has a strange sense of humor. She can always make me smile unexpectedly.

Just so you know; it isn’t all completely creepy that I’m getting tooth fairy cards from my sister; I’ll read you the note.

Dear Mikey,
We always got crap for our teeth when were little and lost them. Here’s to making four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars more than you have before for losing a tooth! :D
Congrats on yet another win!

Your sister,
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Best Friend theatrical_muse240 words
Name :Michael Jacob-Francis
Fandom: Original Character
Topic: Who is your best friend and why?
Word count : 255

It was his sixth match , with the last three bouts won – two by knockout and the third, by a technical knockout, making his current record at W 5 (5 ko's) | L1 | D 0 | Total 6. Michael looked across, as the revived his opponent. In the ring, it didn’t matter his religion or race, though some may argue that; there were no judgments on his being callous or indifferent during a fight, plenty of judgment however, on his reactions afterward. Michael was a good loser, but he was ten times more magnificent when he won.


Michael was too busy to have a best friend. Possibly, every single man at the gym and a few of the women , could be close friends with him. That is, they were friends until they entered the ring. Michael made no distinction, once the gloves went on. If his father got in the ring to spar or practice with him, he held nothing back. Even Maggie, not that she ever would; he’d deck her in a heartbeat, if they were in the ring together. No one was doing him any favors by holding back. When they did, his preparation for an upcoming match, suffered.

It wasn’t personal and if he truly hurt any in the ring and they went to the hospital, Michael was genuinely grieved. But if they stepped into the ring with him again, he’d do the same, best friend or not.
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Character name: Michael Jacob-Francis
Fandom: OC
Disclaimers warning: none
Challenge topic: What would happen if you lacked a sense of guilt?
Rating: pg-13
Word count: 161

What would happen if I lacked a sense of guilt? Well, for starters, I wouldn’t be a virgin, a Catholic, or have an over burdened sense of protectiveness toward my older sister and her reputation. I’d probably sleep easier at night regarding every single guy’s ass that I’ve kicked in regards to the last part during my youth. As for the rest, guilt keeps you honest, pardon the play on words.

That wriggling little piece of conscience that has managed to worm its way past our television babysitters, lax Sunday school teachers, and halfhearted Christmas Catholic parents, God bless their souls; it’s a miracle I have the sense of guilt that I do, at all.

You know what, I really don’t want to know what else would happen if I lacked a sense of guilt. My answer so far, is bad enough. Seems, that I should probably work a little more on not being so judgmental on other things.
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LiveJournal Username
Favorite ice cream
Favorite season
Thinks you're ass is tight:typhoidandswans
Wants to lick hot chocolate off you're body:ibringlife
Wonders how good you are in bed:oldestbeloved
Wishes you would screw him/her on the spot:hardhitter_nj
Is romatically in love with you:jerseycharmer
Wishes you were gay so he/she could love you better:hardhitter_nj
Hopes you'll take him/her to great heights (wink wink nudge nudge):fluffy_mod
Day dreams about having sex with you 24/7:yougotgold
This Fun Quiz created by Molly at BlogQuiz.Net
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Ugh, I swear, that's it, I am randomly adding people to my flist so that I never see my name in a meme like this again  except purely by chance...


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