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"That does sound awful," Remiel said, patronizing him slightly. Most of his attention was on Michael, rather than what he was saying, watching him fight his way to the inevitable slumber. As the young man mumbled the last question, and both eyes were finally closed, the Grigori smiled. "Oh, undoubtedly. Very real indeed." His tone was soothing as if whispering a lullaby.

As Michael slept, Remiel placed a hand over his face, fingers touching around his eyes and softly intoned a spell to enter his dreams. Not yet revealing himself to the subconscious Michael, he looked around at the very same garden from earlier. There in front of them was the statue of the crucifix.


Staring at the statue in wonder, Michael, in his dream state, remembered nothing of the fearful events just waking moments before. At this moment, it was a picture of inspiration. Prayer and contemplation. Good works and faith. Whether he intended to or not, he was clutching his Rosary and praying to the holiest of mothers.

All was peaceful. All was serene. Worry and fear were replaced by a calm certainty that God was watching over them all - both  good and  evil alike.

Then he felt it. In this sanctuary designed for inspiration and faith, a feeling of impending horror descended. Michael began to toss away from Father Jez and toward the other side of the bed, but only ever so slightly.

In his dream, technically, nothing had changed.   Eventually, the gut instinct to inspect his surroundings, went away and he walked up to the statue, turning and taking a seat at the foot of the statue, looking at the bench in front.

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After Michael had sat there, at the foot of the tortured Christ, for a little while, the shadow of the cross lengthened in front him. Unlike a normal shadow, the came into sharp focus so that the outline of Christ was so realistic. Very slowly, the shadow began to take form, shifting from black to more real tones. Before long, there seemed to be a real person standing in front of Michael.

With long hair, a beard, and still wearing a crown of thorns, the figure smiled kindly at the young man, and he went to sit on the bench. "What has you so troubled?"

Date: 2009-04-08 11:28 pm (UTC)
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"Hail Mary, full of grace. Our Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen." It was the all purpose prayer of his childhood and a staple of the Church, that he heard when he realized that he was praying aloud.

The shadow forming behind him was perhaps too unreal to even turn around and see what was causing it. Michael did not so much blink as he sat there at the foot of the statue watching the shadow figure unfold. He was lost in whatever good thoughts his prayers were allowing. Fleetingly, he thought of Maggie when he thought he hear a woman's giggle, but otherwise, he was content to just be.

But then the shadow did something that he could not expect to happen. It was surpassed by its maker. Son of the maker to be exact. He was either dead or hallucinating. He was sure of it. The only explanation. But when a hand was placed on his shoulder and real words were spoken, Michael Jacob Francis stared with gaping mouth before he inelegantly and humbly prostrated himself before the son of God. With reverence, he looked up into compassionate eyes and at the thorny crown.

"Demons. My faith could not defeat ...I. I failed you." And with that, he burst into horrified tears.

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Sitting easily on the bench, his bloodied feet squarely on the ground only inches from where Michael was lying with such reverence. He made no gesture or word for the young man to rise, seeming content to let him lie there.

As Michael began to cry, he appeared to take pity on him, signalling him to join him. "Are you certain of that, Michael?" Gently, he place his hand on his shoulder as again a woman's light laughter sounded, although no one else could be seen. And he took no notice. "How do you know that creature was demonic?"

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The left cuff of Michael's shirt was stained with the blood from brushing against feet as he finally made it to a sitting position. He was in shock from his own sudden outburst, but not from, strangely enough, Christ's living corpse speaking to him. Small mercies that he wasn't babbling incoherently when he finally replied.

"I know what I saw. No one person or thing who defames your image like that, can possibly be angelic or good, my Lord." He stared straight ahead, focused until his attention taken away by the sound of feminine laughter. When no culprit was seen, he breathed deeply. "I mean in what possible world, was what I saw, a good being?"

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"Come sit next to me, Michael." The figure indicated to the bench and shifted to the side, giving him some more space. He nodded, solemnly. "That is true, and perceptive of you. Those evil beings only wish to taunt and tempt."

He placed his twisted hands neatly on his lap, and looked down as if in deep thought. All the while there was still that laughter. "But I'm confused. Why did you run away? Weren't you strong enough in your faith of me to confront it?" Now he looked at Michael, concern in his eyes.

From behind, unseen by Michael, a beautiful woman, covered only by the sheerest and smallest pieces of material approached. She smothered her laughter with her hand, her amusement dancing in her dark eyes.

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Michael sat down beside Christ as requested. This was not exactly how he envisioned meeting his Savior.

The loss of feminine laughter without any replacing sound, gave Michael a start. He mussed up the back of his own hair, as if swatting at flies in response to the suddenly muffled sound. All the faith of his fathers and family, even Maggie, could not help him with this question. And this new irritant wasn't helping.

Cupping both ears with his hands, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, he rocked back and forth gently, without losing his seating. The motion calming, he eventually paused, breathed, and let down his hands to fold into his lap, wringing them in true repentance.

"Christ forgive me, I did not. You have to believe me. I was weak. It was so ..." Even as he spoke, Michael's ears were cocked and listening for even the slightest sound.

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Except for the muffled laughter that grew very gradually louder as the woman came closer, there was no sound as Michael rocked and the figure remained at his side, waiting for him to speak.

When the want-to-be priest had finally composed himself and made his admission, he nodded. It was not a nod of empathy, but one of agreement. "Yes, you are weak." The change of tense was subtle, barely noticeable. "You failed to defend me from that creature's desecration, but that is really not surprising. While there are many...noble things about the path you have chosen, and it is indeed, the one true faith, the church is weak and fearful of that which they don't understand."

While he was talking, the woman had walked around the bench and sat on the other side of the figure, although he paid her no attention, even as she leaned forward to smile through her thin veil at Michael and rested a hand on the figure's thigh.

Date: 2009-05-22 12:46 am (UTC)
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"Yes, I failed," he started in with a sense of dejection, turning a one eighty and adding, "you don't understand, they ...we, we mean well. We want to do what is right." He stopped in his speech, staring with open mouth and eyes wide at the woman who finally appeared.

Michael shot up of the bench as if his pants were on fire. He did not have to look down to know that they were, at least in a metaphorical sense. Was he shocked that there was actually a real woman, that there was a sense of attraction to or that he had just argued with Jesus himself? There was a look about his face that showed the first signs of real panic. Shame came out on top and Michael took off running for only God knows where, but straight was his path, should any follow him. He was never really all that stealthy.

Date: 2009-06-06 12:23 am (UTC)
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"Meaning well is one thing, but all too often there is nothing but inaction, which allows those forces of evil to prevail." The figure of Jesus looked up at Michael as he stood, no trace of surprise on his calm features. The woman's hand climbed further up the figure's thigh, clearly heading to his crotch, and he didn't seem to mind.

As Michael fled, the figure called after him. "Michael, you are running straight into the arms of Lucifer himself. Listen to me. You know you should." The young man could not possibly know how true those words were.

And although Michael was making enough noise that a deaf man could follow him, Remiel had no need to even have that skill. Still very much looking like Jez, he stepped out into Michael's path. "Michael? Why are you running? Is it another demon?"

Date: 2009-06-23 12:02 am (UTC)
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He barely heard the warning about Lucifer when he rann into a bigger predicament. That woman. He tried to pretend that was the last thing he saw before beginning to run away. He would have that image forever in his mind. That of the woman attempting to molest Christ himself,but it was the last image that he thought he would be thinking about as he rammed straight on towards Father Jez. Shaking off hysteria and a sense of deja vu, he tried to calm himself, but to no avail.

And before he could stop himself, he said all that had just occurred - all that he had seen, including the woman and Christ. The rest was pure incoherent babbling of a panicked man.

Date: 2009-08-15 12:29 am (UTC)
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"Stop it!" All appearance of sympathy abruptly vanished from the priest as he took hold of Michael and shook him hard as the man just spouted a load of gibberish at him. "Look! There is your saviour, the man you love so much, the man you want to give your life over to in praise! And you can't even look at him." He turned him around. "Look at him!"

The figure was still sitting, but leaning over and kissing the woman. Her hand was now firmly in his lap, stroking him through the linen of the loin cloth around him. Remiel whispered in his ear. "Saviour he might be, but he's just a man, as well."

With Michael facing away from him, he wouldn't notice the change in the priest. His features grew sharper, eyes more sunken, and the teeth more pointed.

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"Noooooooooo!!" He didn't give himself time to think, but acted with all the rationality due a man of faith pushed to his limit, which was to say, none. Running straight toward the woman, he hefted her up and pushed her away from Christ with all his might. For whatever good it might do him, them, or anyone. And then, after that, all he could see was his fists flying, striking at her in fear and anger. "No right. No right!" He kept repeating, sensing Father Jez behind him, but he had not looked back since he was directed to the horrific scene before him.

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When Michael rushed the woman, the Christ immediately went to her aid, his arms wrapping around the young man and mindless of his fists in an effort to pull him off. A couple of times, elbows connected with his side, hard enough to bruise a person, but he held on. "Michael! Stop! She was doing no harm. Love is good in whatever form it takes."

He did pull Michael away, and as the woman scooted from her attacker, they sat on the ground, Christ's arms still around him. The woman smiled, maybe from gratitude maybe something else, and despite the beating looked barely bruised. "If I was not offended by her attention, why are you? Do you presume to tell me what is right? What is good?"

Watching still half way between human and demon form, Remiel hung back, content for now to be forgotten again.

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There was mindless confusion as he continued the attempt in meteung out his fury and frustration. Thick well trained muscles could not compete with the power of the son of God. It wasn't about sacrilege any more and more about Michael's mind snapping. All those wasted years of abstinence only to find out that all was ok as far as sex went? It just didn't compute. To add upon horrors, he thought of all the grief he put his sister through, due to her carefree sexual nature.

There was nowhere to look away and not see what was before him now. Trembling before God took on a whole new meaning and he was currently praying for death before anyone realized that he was hard all over.

"...I, I don't know."
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Now that Michael spent his fury and was supported by him, the woman crawled forward with a seductive slink and a smile. Her smile widened when she neared Michael before she reached up and kissed the Christ deeply. She then rested back on her heels and ran her nails gently along his jaw before stroking down his muscled chest.

"Michael, there is nothing wrong with enjoying another's body. Why else would my Father make it so pleasurable? Those representatives on Earth have decided their own laws, twisted my words. It is that everything must be in balance. It is prohibition that leads to sin."

The woman's hand moved lower.

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"Perhaps to test us?" He heard the words. He listened, he really tried, but it was becoming apparent that he had lost focus on theology and was using every last bit of his emotional strength not to show any reaction more than he already had.

No, he had nothing. Most especially when his eyes became riveted upon the same woman he was about to beat senseless before. Those hands were going lower than he was comfortable. Even as his chest arched out in response, his lower half was doing its damnedest to back away, only meeting resistance from behind as he was he still held firm.

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Feeling Michael's resistance, the Christ gently stroked his hand through the young man's hair, comforting him even as the woman's hand moved lower over his muscled abs and to the waist of his pants. "It is love, Michael. Love is good." The male voice whispered in his ear. "She will show you her love, and you can show me yours."

Date: 2009-11-29 12:27 am (UTC)
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Michael vaguely remembered that love was good. This was a moment that was filled with the blossoming taste of his first real rush of lust that was even remotely connected to a living being, or in this case, beings. He muttered something incomprehensible arching forward and gasping as his head fell back, forgetting just who it was that was holding him from behind.

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The male figure leaned back against tipped his head, kissing Michael as the woman opened his pants and lowered her head, brushing her hair out of the way.

"Michael? Michael? What are you doing?" Standing above them was Jez, a look of shock and disgust on his face as he took in the scene. "You can't do this!" The two did not look up from giving their attention to the young man.


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